A Drive-Through Parade



How do I get in line? 

The drive-through parade will run along Boston Avenue from 7th to 3rd Street. The line for vehicles waiting to drive through the parade will run along Boston, south of 7th Street. Please plan to arrive early, and enter the waiting line as far south as possible on Boston. Be sure watch for TPD officers to guide you to the end of the lineup. 

What is a drive-through parade?

A drive-through parade is new to us as well! Our plans include lining up the parade entries of floats, balloons, and musical entries, along the regular route, with friends and families driving by from the safety of their vehicles. We are still planning all of the many pieces that will be necessary to make this event a success. 

Stay tuned to our website and social media as we continue to make exciting announcements about all these changes! 

Why are you deciding this now instead of waiting until closer to the parade? 

Like many large events, Tulsa Christmas Parade takes many months of planning. We have decided we would rather make plans now for a drive-through parade to decrease the likelihood of canceling the entire parade closer to December. 

Why aren’t you just going on with the parade as normal?

We understand attending the Tulsa Christmas Parade is a much-loved tradition and part of that excitement includes gathering with the thousands of people waiting in anticipation downtown. However, we feel it is our responsibility to offer a safe event, and understand many people may not be comfortable with large crowds this December. We are making plans to allow the greatest number of people to enjoy the parade as possible while still being responsible for protecting families and our community. 

Why aren’t you just canceling or going virtual like everyone else?

We understand that many people will still want to come out for a parade as virtual events just aren’t the same. With that in mind, we set out to find a way to make that safely happen. Earlier this year, we attended a drive-through event put on by Tulsa Pop Kids and were impressed by the event’s attendance and both the concept and their excellent execution. Members of our committee have also been a part of affinity groups lead by the International Festivals & Events Association and discovered the majority of parades are being canceled. After much consideration and research, we decided that due the size of our event and the footprint already in place with the staging and route, we think Tulsa Christmas Parade is an ideal event that presents the opportunity for a drive-through parade in downtown Tulsa.


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