Why a Daytime Parade?

2017 was the first daytime Tulsa Christmas Parade in years, here’s why: Over the last few years, our parade director has done much research on the history of the Tulsa Christmas Parade for the book that was published in 2017, dating all the way back to its beginnings in the 1920’s. Prior to the 1980s, the parade was held during the daytime and attendance was much higher at these parades. So last year we decided to try it out. Our goal was to put on a fabulous display for people of all ages to enjoy and to ensure warmer temperatures. After last year’s parade, we reviewed the feedback from many sources, including social media, news media, and comments from people on the day of the parade. Based on the response we have decided to keep the parade during daylight hours at this time.

We are really excited about the changes we are planning for this year. For over nine decades, Tulsa families have come out to cheer for Santa and enjoy the parade. We hope the changes we are making will get even more folks out to enjoy the parade.

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