Tulsa Christmas Parade Rules


All vendors are required to have their own permit for operation. Tulsa Christmas Parade does not provide permitting for vendors.


The Tulsa Christmas Parade is a family, entertainment event; any entries not in compliance with a family-friendly theme, as deemed by a member of the parade committee, will not be permitted to participate in the parade.

All aspects of all entries, including vehicles, must be decorated in the theme of the parade and should be designed for viewing from all sides.

All people and animals riding/walking with your entry must be dressed in Christmas/holiday costumes; everyone in your group must dress in a common theme to have the best impact.

Music is encouraged and must be Christmas themed unless preapproved by the parade committee. Please keep music at a level that does not interfere with other entries on either side of you and be prepared to adjust the volume if requested. Please be aware of your cords as to prevent tripping hazards for yourself or other parade participants.

The Tulsa Christmas Parade will provide the official Santa Claus for the parade. Please do not include Santa or Mrs. Claus in your parade entry. You will not be allowed to participate in the event if someone in your unit is dressed as Santa or Mrs. Claus.


You will receive specific information about your entry’s staging time and location prior to the parade. All vehicles, and at least one person from your group must be in your designated area and ready to go by the call time you are assigned. If you are not in the designated area on time, you will forfeit your spot in the parade. No exceptions. All vehicles should arrive with a full tank of gas and proper tire pressure.

Each vehicle entered into the parade must pay an entry fee, you cannot bring any vehicle(s) of any kind that do not fit into the pre-determined staging location you registered for.

All units should be prepared with extra supplies to prevent running out. This could include gas for generators, batteries, extension cords, water, etc. The parade could last up to two hours, not including staging time.

All units must designate a person in charge of pacing and keep their unit within 30 feet of the next unit during the entire parade route.


All members of all entries agree to comply with all rules in this package and to comply with any instructions given by members of the parade committee, parade marshals and/or law-enforcement agents while anywhere on site in the staging/de-staging areas and/or parade route, before, during and after the parade.

Handouts may be given out, but must be handed directly to spectators, and NEVER thrown towards people. All units containing motor vehicles must be equipped with a fire extinguisher.

All vehicles must be in good, legal, working condition and operated by a licensed driver, over the age of 18, who is to remain with the vehicle from call time through the end of the parade. Please ensure all vehicles in the parade have proper tire pressure to avoid any issues that may arise. You will be responsible for any flat tires or mechanical issues of your vehicle. You will be charged a towing fee, if deemed necessary by parade staff. 

All entries with closed vehicles should have at least two walkers over the age of 18 escorting the vehicle to aid the driver in safely navigating the parade route and keeping pace within 30 feet of next unit.

All motorcycles must stay on all wheels at all times.

No throwing any items into the crowd. All handouts, including but not limited to candy, must be placed in the hands of a spectator.

All animals must: have prior parade/crowd experience; have a pooper-scooper to clean up after any messes; be secured by a leash and/or reins and in control of an adult handler over the age of 18 who is in possession of a copy of their insurance policy at all times.

No use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products or e-cigarettes anywhere in the staging/de-staging areas or parade route.

No parking of vehicles not in the parade in any of the staging/de-staging areas as indicated by the parade map.

All members of all entries are required to abide by all safety guidelines and requests, including masking and social distancing guidelines currently in effect by the City of Tulsa, Tulsa County, and/or State of Oklahoma, the day of the parade. 


Signage and handouts advocating, opposing or pertaining to political, social or personal agendas; sexually suggestive or explicit material are not allowed.

The Tulsa Christmas Parade cannot be used as a platform to further any cause, political, social or personal.

All entries must have a signed copy of the rules with them at all times.
All entries must sign the Hold Harmless Agreement included in this package.

I understand that if my entry form is approved and selected to participate in the Tulsa Christmas Parade, presented by American Waste Control, we agree to hold harmless American Waste Control, City of Tulsa, and any other parade supplier from any and all liability arising from injury or loss or resulting bodily injury or property damage to any member of this organization or third party, which results directly or indirectly from our participation in the Tulsa Christmas Parade to be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

By signing this contract, we also agree that all members of our entry must abide by these rules and comply with all requests from members of the parade committee, parade marshals and/or law enforcement agents on the day of the parade.

If accepted as a parade/float participant, I agree to abide by the rules and regulations established by the Parade Committee.

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