The Tulsa Christmas Parade is proud to be Tulsa’s only non-profit parade that supports the growing community of Tulsa Oklahoma! Anyone and everyone can be in the parade and support the parade. Thank you to our sponsors for helping us bring the spirit of Christmas to Tulsa.

2014 Christmas Parade of Tulsa Map

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The History of Tulsa’s Christmas Parade

In 2010 Josh McFarland, Eddie Huff, and Mark Croucher met with some like minded folks at the 1170 KFAQ studio to discuss the founding of The Tulsa Christmas Parade. The sole reason for the meeting was to add the name Christmas into the Tulsa Parade.

In 2011, The Tulsa Christmas Parade board launched the first Christmas Parade in over 3 years. This parade was at the location of the Tulsa Hills Shopping Center. Rave reviews were quickly spread around the country and made national news. It was widely stated that the citizens of Tulsa had spoken, and that they were tired of not being able to say Merry Christmas during the Christmas season. Some reports had stated that there was well over 18,000 parade attendees and there were well over 100 floats in the parade. Each year the Tulsa Christmas Parade board has hopes of making the parade bigger and better but most importantly the board has one sole objective which is to have a parade that has the word Christmas in it.

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